Alexcina Military Support

About Alexcina Military

Since the 1st moment we started our business of Alexcina Group, we’ve been fully realizing the strategic importance and confidentiality of such field. As such, we, all who belong to Alexcina Military, have been doing our utmost to set up our position and prestige in the related market of Military logistics of different military supply; as well as to dedicate our best services to our valued clients, meanwhile, competing and facing the deeprooted organizations of the same field, supported by our self-confidence, and fully believing in our capabilities to meet all challenges we’ve been facing.


Our Vision

For new development or expansion of an existing site, we will develop a site plan that identifies the best (most optimal) location and configuration for each building

executive terminal building, hangar,etc.

apron area, automobile parking area, and fuel storage facility.

Our Mission

To adhere to international standards of safety and quality through automation and involve with best practices. To exceed customers’ expectations regionally and internationally by developing new policies and by focusing on R&D and customization. To support and encourage main supplier with our market value and industry awareness in the UAE and help build a highly responsible and safety-conscious community.

Core Values

Alexcina is committed to supporting the development of the next generation of industry leaders in the region. Alexcina invests heavily in its people by partnering with world-class academic institutions, creating pioneering training programs and ensuring that its people are armed with the skills to meet the needs of emerging industries in the UAE through its various training programs.

At Alexcina, we are building on our strength as a reliable one-stop solution within the autonomous systems industry. We also assist with equipment selection and procurement, product or system design, development, testing and commissioning of localized subsystems and systems or other engineering solutions, training of customer teams, operational support, and systems maintenance, based on our affiliation with our sister company Precision Aerospace Corporation, we have the advantage to supply any kind of armored weapons and AMO as well as any other of military supply could be required, we are working only based on governmental procedure and rules in regards of military supply.